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We spoke at the Captain Planet Foundation Gala 2024!🎉

Updated: 2 days ago

On Saturday, March 16th (2024) Zara & Ashton delivered a six minute presentation explaining how the Captain Planet Foundation has helped Hidden Plastic become what it is today, with their invaluable help over the past 3 1/2 years! Zara and Ashton practiced on their TED-esque presentation in hours of rehearsals (even while listening to music!) and even mic-ed up to get used to hearing their voices in the banquet room. The audience of 400+ attendees received their message with frequent applause...including a standing ovation at the end!

Huge congratulations to Zara & Ashton for their first major talk that in some way helped CPF raise over $800,000!!! 🥳 Watch it HERE

(note: official version of talk not available as of 16-04-24)

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