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Watch 'Recap'... our FINAL video to PepsiCo highlighting the core messages of all our videos over the past one year of campaigning!
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We are challenging PepsiCo to sponsor $15.5m to help install 20 of The Ocean Cleanup Interceptors into some of the worst 1,000 PLASTIC polluted rivers in the world (reponsible for 80% of plastic run-off). In 2021, Coca-ColaCo donated enough funds for 15 Interceptors, and now we hope another one of the leading, global (single-use) producers of plastic waste will not only join in, but do BETTER by sponsoring even more Interceptors!
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Open Letter to pepsico   Earth Day 2022

Dear PepsiCo,                                                                                                                                               

We know from your Sustainability Report 2020 that you want to be a global leader for positive change by participating in the circular economy. Through your commitment to ‘rethinking packaging’ in the next few years, an investment of at least 15 (or even better 20!) 'The Ocean Cleanup' Interceptors  could really help the global emergency efforts to ‘turn off the tap’ of plastic waste, and immediately loweri official estimates of 3-4x more ocean-bound plastics in our seas by 2040. PepsiCo comes in second place as plastic waste polluter, but you could become the leader in the plastic cleanup effort! 


Being a global corporation, you have the financial weight to donate $15.5m to immediately bring in urgently-needed tools to help keep more plastic waste out of our seas. We really hope you’ll help by joining the worldwide plastic global cleanup efforts as soon as possible.

Partnership details at: The Ocean Cleanup Interceptors



(your name)

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[*Or copy the text of the  letter into an email, add your own personalised message (if you're feeling inspired) and send it to PepsiCo's CEO:]

LEARN about the pepsico interceptor challenge IN OUR VIDEOS BELOW:


The 'PepsiCo Interceptor Challenge'

Out of all the plastic pollution in our oceans, it's been discovered that most of it (80%) comes from just 1,000 rivers.  That's just 1% of the world's rivers that do most of the polluting! The Ocean CleanUp hopes to 'turn off the tap' using their newly-designed Interceptors that stop plastic waste from being washed into the seas. There are currently less than 10 Interceptors deployed since their launch in 2019, which is only 1% of the worst polluted rivers…so there’s still a lot of work to be done!


In the weeks ahead we are challenging PepsiCo, one of the biggest global corporations in the food and beverage industry, to help sponsor the production of 20 new Interceptors at the price tag of US$777,000 each (approx. $15.5m in total). An estimated 12 million tons/year of plastic waste around the world comes from single-use packaging*. Since a good percentage of it comes from many of PepsiCo's popular brands - such as Pepsi soft drinks, Lipton Iced Tea and Lay's snacks - we really hope that PepsiCo will want to take part in the global cleanup effort by sponsoring as many Interceptors as possible. Their biggest rival The Coca-Cola Company has already pledged to sponsor 15 new Interceptors in 2021, and we think PepsiCo can beat them by becoming the plastic cleanup leader!


Add your voice to support for accelerating the cleanup of our oceans by emailing PepsiCo to take up the 'Interceptor Challenge'. Please send a copy of our Open Letter above (just add your own name) to the PepsiCo CEO- Ramon Laguarta [] and/or retweet our videos to @PepsiCo and remember to share it with others.


We need everyone’s help if we want more fish than plastic in our seas by 2050!

*data from Surfers Against Sewage 'Facts & Figures'


*Please note: The 'PepsiCo Interceptor Challenge' campaign is being run independently from The Ocean CleanUp, and is the brainchild of Zara & Ashton who want to help 'turn off the tap' of plastics into our seas.


Images and videos are used with full permission from The Ocean CleanUp media library.

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