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interviews with the founders
Vox 'Now This' channel made a 3-minute feature about our campaign in Summer 2022 (it reached over 150,00 views across social media!)

Watch our latest live interview with Maggie Baird at Overheated in London August, 2023! It was so exciting!!

Overheated IG 2023.jpg

Second Interview in Spring 2023 on her Instagram live!

Our second interview on May 17th, 2023 with Maggie Baird of Support+Feed. She did a one year update on our campaign and other highlights since we last spoke! (Nearly 36k views on her Instagram!)

First interview with Maggie - Summer 2022 
on her Instagram live!

We were interviewed by Maggie in Week #13 (2022)! Maggie Baird of Support+Feed (also known as FINNEAS & Billie Eilish's mom) hosted us on her Instagram it now!!

'press clippings'

New article about Hidden Plastic's work on 'Happy Headlines' website in their blog ! Read it HERE


US-based publisher for elementary schools Learning A-Z just sent us the latest  'Science In the News'  for September 2022, and we're in it! Read it HERE

Smithsonian Magazine
Conservation Commons
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"Meet the Siblings Fighting Plastic Pollution"
November 4th, 2021
We give some opinions about what it's like to be kids joining into the fight against microplastics. article.jpg

Zara and Ashton—a brother and sister team dedicated to raising awareness about the global plastic pollution problem—are asking Pepsico CEO Ramon Laguarta to lead by example and help clean up her company’s products that pollute our oceans.
Join their #PepsiCleanupChallenge


Read the full article HERE Pink-Website-Logo.png
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