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Global Plastics Treaty (INC-2) in Paris 
May 30th - June 1st, 2023


The UN-led 'Global Plastics Treaty' is a 4-year international effort between over 180 countries, business leaders and NGOs to address the 'out of control' problem that plastic pollution has become for our planet. UN member countries called for unified action in 2022. After 5 rounds of negotiations spanning to end of 2024, a policy document will be ratified to create the same rules and binding regulations for the ENTIRE life cycle of plastic irregardless of borders.

Hidden Plastic was honoured to have been there for the second round of negotiations at INC-2 (which stands for 'Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee') in the Paris UNESCO building  last spring 2023. And we very much hope to take part in Ottawa, Canada at INC-4 in April 2024...which will be a challenge because under 18s ARE NOT officially allowed to register!

As Ashton & Zara (12 & 14yrs at that time) demonstrated at INC-2, their generation has an important voice to add to the negotiations, and SHOULD be included at the international table where important decisions are currently being made. Decisions that will most profoundly impact THEIR generation!
(we joined through Captain Planet Foundation)
Arrived at UNESCO building in Paris! Got a great tour from Biz4GPT Secretariat and became familiar with how international negotiations work at the UN.
Day 2: At a side-event we met, and then interviewed
David Katz - founder of The Plastic Bank.

Watch here --->
(Morning): We spoke at the launch of the Plastic Health Council. So happy to meet co-founders Sian Sutherland
(A Plastic Planet AND Maria Westerbos (Plastic Soup Foundation)
(Afternoon): Zara gave a fantastic (5-minute) opening speech on behalf of youth to the UNEP / Global Seaweed Coalition's event 'Seaweed Packaging' in Paris. Watch it below...
(Nearly midnight!): Zara & Ashton joined the Global Youth Coalition for Plastic Pollution to draft an intervention  to plenary (see above for more details). Ashton was first to speak after UN member countries were finished...and woke up the room with thunderous applause! 
Watch a short version here ---->
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