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Zara and Ashton are siblings, who have been passionate about the ocean and marine life from an early age. In 2020 they attended their first Ocean Heroes Virtual Bootcamp, and then again last summer. They have been gradually evolving their campaign to raise awareness about 'hidden plastic' that not only hides everywhere in our environment, but breaks down into smaller & smaller pieces known as microplastics. (even tinier ones are called nanoplastics!) Since they started making videos and developing the Hidden Plastic website two years ago, more information is coming out each week about the dangers of these non-biodegradable materials, which have been found throughout our seas and even in human blood. Everywhere!

About US

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Zara (15) has always had a deep love of the sea and it's inhabitants. One year ago she reached a milestone and became a Junior PADI Open Water diver! Her next goal is to work on other advanced diving qualitfications, as she wants to be a marine biologist one day. Zara artistic nature started at an early age (see Artivism below), and she especially loves designing creations with natural fibres and sustainable materials like seaweed. Zara also enjoys trying out new recipes, and experimenting with plant-based alternatives (usually with seaweed in some form!). Her first enterprise called was started by her in 2019 to solve the problem of disposible (and often plastic-coated) gift wrap. The full product line can be seen below & bunting (not balloons) is in the Shop


Ashton is a technically-competent 13 year old, who does the lion's share of the video editing, website work and composes the music for Hidden Plastic videos. He has a tortoise named Sammy and a Porg named Walter that appear regularly in videos. Besides making music with Logic, He is learn ing 3d software 'Blender' and game engine 'Unreal Engine'

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We're very honoured to be a part of the expanded 
Wisdom Council, enabling youth voices from around the globe to help shape CPF’s next generation of programs.

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! 🙏🌍

Learn more about the Wisdom Council HERE

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