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We became founding members of the Planeteer Alliance + Captain Planet Foundation 'Wisdom Council'!

Recently we were asked to join the Planeteer Alliance Wisdom Council! The Wisdom Council is made up of youth leaders to help make decisions for the Planeteer Alliance platform.

PAWC recently merged with the Captain Planet Foundation's Youth Advisory Committee. So now it’s made up of the following youth activists from around the world: Evan M (US), John A (US), Sanna J (Gambia), Neev P (India), Nicolina P (US), Michelle M (Kenya), Chloe E (US), Chelsea W (Jamaica), Stephanie E (Australia), May S (US), Ella E (US), Madeleine M (US), Kaitlyn G (Jamaica), Robbie B (US) and then Zara and I (UK).

It’s such an exciting opportunity, and we are so grateful to be part of it!

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