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More REVERB Eco-villages at Paramore concerts!

(In April we went to Cardiff & Birmingham to help Support+Feed and Planeteer Allliance)

On Saturday the 22nd April (Earth Day!), Hidden Plastic had two stands at the REVERB eco-village for the Paramore concert in Birmingham! And we were in Cardiff International Arena the Saturday before. We represented the Planeteer Alliance, Hidden Plastic and the organisation Support + Feed, which was founded by Maggie Baird and champions veganism.

REVERB is an organisation that teams-up with musical artists (like Paramore, The 1975 and Billie Eilish) on their tours to make the music industry more sustainable! The eco-village concept is part of that, with the aim to showcase and support local organisations!

At every stand, there is a different action you can take to help, and for our stand, the action was to fill in the short form to send an email to the CEO of PepsiCo asking for them to sponsor 20 of The Ocean Cleanup Interceptors. Many of the people who visited the stand were very supportive, and interested in what Hidden Plastic is doing.

We not only handed out leaflets and stickers for The PepsiCo Interceptor Challenge, but also the Planeteer Alliance. Midway through the event, we were visited by Instagram influencer Sam Bentley, who has a good news channel with over 800,000 followers. We were fortunate enough to have a great conversation with him about our work, and how he started out with his channel! He did a great post about Hidden Plastic too!

We had about 30 people send emails to PepsiCo, and gave away about 100 sets of the different leaflets. This has been such a wonderful experience, and has helped Hidden Plastic so much! We really hope that this has also been beneficial to the Planeteer Alliance.

Thank you so much to REVERB, Support + Feed and the Planeteer Alliance for this wonderful opportunity!

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