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Hidden Plastic Film Studio!

Updated: Mar 18

In Spring of 2023, Hidden Plastic was awarded a $2,500 grant from the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Fellowship Program to create a dedicated film studio! And now it’s finally finished! This grant means that we can now create better Hidden Plastic videos, about the dangers of plastic pollution, more often.

Finished and ready to film!

Before the grant, our video-making setup was a tiny green screen that my head had even started to stick above the frame! We also had 2 faulty microphones (that we realised after filming 5 videos that they never really worked), and some lights.

Turning the abandoned room into a film studio

Now our new studio is kitted out with... a much better microphone setup, ultra-bright lights with various settings, a teleprompter (to read out what to say, whilst still looking at the camera), a camera gimbal (to stabilise the footage whilst filming outside or doing interviews), a huge wrap-around green screen with floor tiles (to change the background on a video) and much, much more!

To make it even more amazing, positive news influencer Sam Bentley cut the ribbon to officially open the studio for us on September 15th, 2023!

We are super excited to have this fantastic new studio, and are so grateful to the Bow Seat for giving us this grant. We’re also excited to create lots more videos in our new studio. We just finished our first video yesterday, which was the official launch and tour. It's in the link below…

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