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Ashton delivered a speech at INC-2 Global Plastics Treaty!

Ashton delivering his speech in front of the room

On Thursday, June 1st, Ashton gave an intervention (speech) at the Global Plastics Treaty INC-2 negotiations in Paris!

The intervention was made on behalf of the world's 3.2 billion children and youth, and was written in collaboration with the Global Youth Coalition for Plastic Pollution (GYCPP).

The GYCPP is a group of youth around the the world, all very passionate about plastic pollution, they have attended every INC so far, and plan to do so for all negotiations, to ensure that the youth and children of the world have a voice in this historic treaty.

Ashton with Karuna from the Global Youth Coalition for Plastic Pollution working on the intervention.

It was decided that Ashton would give the intervention out of the group of us who wrote it, because he was the youngest person present at the treaty, at 12 years old. His age made the message all the more powerful, since it will be our and the future generations who will mostly have to deal with the consequences of the treaty's outcome- be it a good or bad one.

The negotiations between governments ran late into the night, and it was close to midnight when the floor finally opened up for NGO's to give their opinions on the treaty. And Ashton was finally able to give his speech.

He delivered it clearly, and confidently, and received a thunderous applause (it woke everyone up)! Whats more, almost everyone in the room turned around to see, almost in disbelief that there was a child actively involved in the event!

You can see Ashtons wonderful delivery HERE.

Hidden Plastic and the Global Youth Coalition for Plastic Pollution with the hosts of the negotiations after Ashton gave his Intervention.

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