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We were on Maggie Baird's Instagram Live!

On Wednesday the 17th of May, Maggie Baird (founder of Support+Feed and mother of Billie Eilish and FINNEAS) featured us on her Instagram LIVE (@maggiembaird)! On the live stream, we chatted about some of the dangers of plastic, and a few of the solutions, such as seaweed plastic alternatives like NotPla. We also shared some updates of past year of Hidden Plastic, and our exciting plans for the future!

We first met Maggie at the REVERB eco-village for the Billie Eilish concerts last June, and it is the second time she has featured us on her instagram LIVE. Last time we talked about the PepsiCo Interceptor Challenge, so this time we gave an update on how the campaign is going and our latest video summarising the past year of the PepsiCo campaign called (appropriately) 'Recap'.

Maggie’s regular Instagram LIVEs feature solutions, organisations and individuals doing great work for the Planet, and its people. For example, the woman who was on before us was involved in stopping damaging disinformation about how veganism 'is bad for the planet and health'. An interview that is also definitely worth watching on her livestream (@maggiembaird) or our website/Youtube.

It was so exciting to get to talk with her again, as she is such a great interviewer and all-round incredible human being. Thank you so much to Maggie for inviting us back on, and it was great to talk with you again!

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